Avocado DAO and PlayOne Games Join Forces to Promote Blockchain Gaming

Avocado DAO recently announced a strategic partnership with PlayOne Games. With this collaboration, both parties will focus on promoting the blockchain gaming domain.

PlayOne Games is a Klaytn blockchain gaming protocol centered around game environments and crypto projects. The platform connects players and developers by establishing an integrated ecosystem. blockchain game.

Gaming Protocol has also established a number of partnerships, including Chainlink Labs. The PlayOne Games team boasts multiple developers and provides immeasurable value to the gaming community.

Both parties have worked together to facilitate community reach on a variety of occasions. Avocado DAO expresses great pleasure in working together to promote blockchain gaming, drive technology adoption, and unlock the benefits of crypto gaming.

Our latest post shows that PlayOne Games is much more than an IGO (Initial Game Offerings) and ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) starting point. The platform aims to develop a complex ecosystem for developers and gamers with features such as airdrop functionality, NFT pre. -Sales, and game aggregators.

Gaming protocols also solve three common problems in the P2E gaming market.

  • Fragmented data channel
  • Lack of sales channels for game assets
  • Lack of promotional channels for games

The platform aims to strengthen the gaming ecosystem and provide a user-centric platform. Given the scale of both projects, the partnership is expected to be a hit.

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