Antidote Reflects on Excali’s Return to Velocity Gaming

Recently, rustyAntidote“Bose Discussed Callan”ExcaliA move for Mhaswadkar to join Velocity Gaming after both players played for Enigma Gaming. Antidote suggested that Excali may be trying to redeem himself by joining his Velocity Gaming. .

Antidote added that he was saddened by Excali’s decision, not angry, and said he had no ill will towards Excali. In fact, he added, he thought so. “Very good decision from Excali.”

Excali’s decision to rejoin Velocity Gaming is seen as an opportunity for redemption by Antidote

Antidote and Excali have a long history of playing together in various teams in the professional Valorant scene. They teamed up with Velocity Gaming for the first time in July 2020, and in April 2021 he played together until Excali left the team to pursue other opportunities. However, the two players reunited in January 2022 when he Excali joined Enigma Gaming, where Antidote was the in-game leader. However, their time together was short-lived, as Excali left his Enigma Gaming and he rejoined Velocity Gaming earlier this month. In a related move, Antidote also left his Enigma Gaming and joined Orangutan Gaming on January 21st.

In a recent livestream, Antidote explained that Velocity Gaming holds a special place in his heart as he holds many memories and emotions associated with it. He said that Velocity Gaming is like family to him, with all players who have played for Velocity Gaming, whether former or current players. He also said that when Excali received an offer from his Velocity Gaming, he was unsure how Antidote and the rest of the team would react, which is why Excali hesitated to tell him about his departure from the team. made it clear that However, Antidote stressed that the bond they shared was pure and that he would have made the same decision had he been in his Excali position. “The thing is we’ve been playing together for years and the bond we share is very pure. So if I was in his shoes, I would be the same.” He said.

When he told Antidote about Excali getting an offer from Velocity Gaming, Antidote initially thought he was joking. However, Antidote realized the truth when Excali stated that Velocity Gaming owner Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap, better known as Anna, was planning to go to Velocity Gaming. He said he wasn’t angry, but rather sad, when he found out that Excali was breaking up with him, admitting that it would be a hassle for him to play against Excali on the same server in the future.

Antidote emphasized that there was no ill will towards Excali and wished him good luck. “I wasn’t mad after I found out about this, but how can I play against him? It was a big shock to me. It’s set up and that sadness was still there. Playing against each other on the same server is very awkward, but we can’t do anything about it.This is professional esports.” He said.

Finally, Antidote admitted that Excali had previously left Velocity Gaming during a vulnerable time and received backlash. He explained that Excali saw this as an opportunity to redeem himself, regain his fan base and perform well with Velocity Gaming, returning to the team when they were also in a vulnerable state. Antidote said he believes Excali has joined his Velocity Gaming. This is because Excali left the team in bad shape and felt like he was in a similar situation again. So with the addition of Excali, maybe we can put them back in a better position. he added “I think it’s a very good decision by Excali.”

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