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NOVO INTERACTIVE, with its subsidiary BluBet, was one of the first game providers licensed for virtual slot machine games in Germany. Now, the German-based company is further expanding its cooperation with platform his partner his Alteatec.

Alteatec is the world’s leading developer and provider of game management and portal systems for online games. The company has been working closely with NOVO INTERACTIVE on the development of the gaming platform since 2020. With this platform, NOVO INTERACTIVE offers its customers a wide selection of virtual slot games from well-known manufacturers, giving them a whole new dimension of gaming. Game fun.

In addition to end customer business, NOVO INTERACTIVE also allows business partners to participate in licensed virtual slot machine games. As his first B2B offer on the German market, the iGaming platform NOVOLINE integrates fixed cash and online games. NOVOLINE allows players to choose between registering directly at or registering on the arcade’s site. His 1,500+ participating game arcades nationwide now offer this option. Business partners (arcade operators) can benefit from their presence in the digital space, NOVOLINE brand recognition and commission share.

NOVO INTERACTIVE also uses Alteatec solutions to manage all partnerships with arcade operators. For this purpose, the two companies have developed an agent system specially designed for the requirements of the German market. This allows a game arcade operator, for example, to obtain her QR code that clearly maps the introduced game guest to the location. Income sharing payments are also made purely digitally through the agent system. Additionally, the performance dashboard provides business her partners with an overview of business success at any given time. “Our development partnership with Alteatec is the cornerstone of his 360-degree approach, which is unique to our company.

“The partnership between Alteatec and NOVO INTERACTIVE is a true success story. We have been successful in combination with Alteatec,” said Christian Sael, owner and managing director of Alteatec. “This close cooperation on equal footing allows us to break new ground in markets new to Germany in a creative and innovative way. This is the only way to stand out from the competition. Our Olympus One solution creates the optimal conditions for this.”

“With Alteatec as our platform partner, we are working every day to further expand the appeal of our guests, because we want our products to offer the highest level of entertainment. It is essential for both our and B2B businesses and is the heart of,” says Oliver Bagus. “Alteatec’s customized solutions offer a great deal of flexibility in the management, design and development of our online platform,” continues Bagus.

Now, for example, new payment service providers are integrated into to improve deposit and withdrawal options for gaming guests. However, Alteatec has also successfully implemented regulatory requirements under NOVO INTERACTIVE’s National Gaming Treaty. For example, Alteatec has developed the complex technical interfaces needed to connect the NOVOLINE platform to his OASIS player suspension system across the country and the LUGAS central file containing limit and activity databases for gaming guests.

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