AI Art Has No Place In Gaming

AI art can be messed up. You can end the article here. Technology is already being exploited by toxic businesses and individuals who prefer to steal the hard work of their creators rather than put in their own grafts. There may be a future that can be used as an ongoing resource, but reaching that goal feels impossible because its underlying foundation is broken. increase.

Justin Roiland reveals that Squanch Games used machine learning algorithms to create High on Life’s visual assets and vocal performances. The shooter released earlier this week has received mixed reviews, and knowing that certain parts of its tired world took such shortcuts exactly warmed me to the overall experience. No. Roiland told Sky News that the Midjourney program was used to add a “finish” to the game instead of tapping into readily available talent in the industry.

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Players quickly discovered the use of AI art in the game from a shady poster in the protagonist’s bedroom. They feature many common prompts used to generate assets based on popular movies containing characters and environments that are not fully formed enough to be considered artifacts. If you’re unfamiliar with how AI art works, it’s generated by feeding your existing work into a machine learning algorithm. Machine learning algorithms use them along with user-inserted prompt selections to generate human-like works of art. You may come up with it.

It’s getting better and better, with intense debate online that blurs the lines and feeds the idea of ​​capitalist art as a commodity where stolen works only bring dystopia. , are the crappy tech bros who act like they’re doing their best for the future, the type of real Elon Musk who doesn’t take credit for artists even if they kill them.

Many of the assets and pre-existing materials used to generate AI artwork are often given to these programs without the artist’s permission, becoming a parasite of expertise and absorbed by the evolving hive mind. . I’m not an expert in technical magic, and you don’t have to be an expert, but I think it’s a bad idea and puts talented people out of work in a world where it’s hard enough to make a living as an artist. You don’t have to understand that High on Life has already proven that as Squanch Games want to cut corners and instead opt for the human touch to bring their vision to life with soulless nonsense. Roiland’s justification for doing is predictably hollow, filled with vague admiration for an unknown future and how it makes art creation more accessible. I think the word he’s looking for is lazy, just like his writing and performance.

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“I don’t know what the future holds, but AI will be a tool with the potential to make content creation very accessible,” said Roiland. “I don’t know how many more years it will take, but we just need people with big ideas.”

He claims it makes the world feel like a “weird and alternate version” of ourselves, but it literally rips us away from it, trying in vain to conjure up a deliberate pastiche. It’s weird and alternative because by design it can’t be anything else. It’s not worth it by itself, but the game has some fun Rick & Morty humor, lazy writing, and familiar quirks, so of course much of the internet has eaten it up, and it’s no big deal to behave like this If we are happy with this progress, it will beat us.

The player holds a knife and Kenny during a meeting with Ali.

This is also a major concern, and people outside the echo chamber are more concerned about artificial intelligence eroding the creative industry, pushing talent out of jobs, and becoming the most common solution. Didn’t realize it was easy and cheap. Machines can’t feel, they can’t think, they can only imitate existing things, so they can’t create art that affects us in the most important ways. I don’t care about companies and creators with enough clout like Justin Roiland, as long as it works.

We are looking into a barrel of the future where artistic merit is determined by computers making all decisions based on people’s works that are outdated. That’s not the world I want to live in. Video games are already creatively bankrupt.The best ideas come from small developers and studios that don’t have to operate within the confines of a corporate agenda. However, a large dog began to realize the benefits of AI and instead of hiring artists and actors, decided to use AI to input details of the environment or to call out NPCs, and at one time her What happens when you put one person out of work and leave you with nothing? That’s what happens and with things moving so fast right now, it’s important to realize how bad things can get. Justin Roiland is an incredibly talented guy, but a little It’s exhausting, but we can hope for the better by making sure he and this industry aren’t doomed to oblivion.

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