Adobe : Zolaz debuts new cloud gaming service built on Adobe Experience Manager

Zolaz Announces New Cloud Gaming Service Built on Adobe Experience Manager

Video games make up a large portion of the entertainment content people consume on their mobile phones and other screens. To tap into this lucrative market and help customers make the most of high-speed broadband and his 5G data services, Singapore telecom company M1 Limited has decided to offer a streaming gaming service. bottom.

Unlike many companies that partner with big companies to offer their games, M1 saw an opportunity to control its own destiny by building its own branded offering. Zolaz is M1’s new on-demand subscription gaming service that leverages innovations in cloud infrastructure and high-speed network speeds to provide customers with additional services that increase revenue and brand loyalty.

Data Insights Tailored for Gamers

For an additional monthly fee, Zolaz customers can play an unlimited number of over 450 games on any connected device, with up to 5 concurrent players. Zolaz is a website built using Adobe Experience Manager that promotes individual game titles and handles subscription sign-ups. Integration with Adobe Analytics allows businesses to recommend games and promotions to customers based on customer behavior, location, and other factors.

For example, consumers who play strategy and role-playing games will see cross-promotions for other popular games in that category. With many categories, including action-adventure, racing, puzzles, sports, and local multiplayer games, Zolaz can target gaming entertainment options for all tastes and age groups.

Li-Na Wang, director of product management and platform services at M1, said: “Our core business is connecting customers, but we want to create ongoing customer engagement by offering popular services at great prices.”

The company launched the Zolaz website in just eight weeks with the help of Adobe Professional Services. The team leveraged out-of-the-box components and templates to enable Zolaz to quickly and independently create and update content for their gaming website. An integrated subscription workflow also makes signing up for services seamless.

“Our team is able to independently and efficiently make content updates so we can get to market faster. The tools are very easy to use and changes that would otherwise take weeks can be made in just a few days. complete with,” Wang said. “Adobe Experience Manager has greatly increased our productivity. It allows us to manage dynamic content in real time, allowing us to respond more quickly to changing customer preferences.”

Evolution of a digital native lifestyle

A gaming tournament held at M1’s flagship store in Peranakan Place further promoted Zolaz’s debut thanks to the participation of a pair of well-known TikTok creators. Zolaz plans to showcase at least one new game of hers every week by publishing student-developed games in partnership with the DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore and Republic Polytechnic.

“With Zolaz, we can attract customers by connecting and enhancing the value of all our services and customer experience,” says Wang. “With the help of Adobe, we are able to influence and control its destiny by setting high standards for an enjoyable gaming experience that highlights the high performance of our services. Our goal is to: Making Zolaz a top priority for those who want to enjoy the amazing benefits of a -generational digital lifestyle.

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