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In this episode of the Retro Rebel podcast, we’ve rounded up accessibility in our gaming gift guide. With Christmas fast approaching, reach out to one of her favorite guests, Holly, one of her hosts, to help parents, friends, and loved ones gamer friends with devices, tools, games, and other accessibility-enhancing products. I wanted to talk about how we can support game.

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Game Gift Guide Podcast Episode Accessibility

Today I joined a discussion with disability gaming advocate Holly about accessibility in games and what game companies are doing right and what they can do better to accommodate all kinds of gamers. rice field.

Holly is a disabled Envy who has spent most of her life playing games. Growing up in a hospital for childhood cancer, her classic console games brought escape and joy in difficult situations. Heart has always been a Sega lover, as their Classic Her console collection shows, and that gem is the Dreamcast they bought with their first paycheck. Still a console gamer (PS4), J-RPG enthusiast, obsessed with Kojima’s games, especially the Metal Gear saga, and has a foxhound tattoo. . Holly’s social is her Twitter. @HollyDspoonieme and PSN: Tiny_Caska.

Game Gift Guide Accessibility

Peripheral equipment

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  • Subpack X1 – Deaf people can experience game sounds with physical thumps and vibrations, and play rhythm games like Patapon.


  • War God Ragnarok – From an audible trailer to over 60 accessibility features at launch, Ragnarok is accessible with Gold Star. For players with fine motor control or fatigue issues, options like mini-game assist and auto-pickup can go a long way in saving valuable energy and extending playtime.
    Subtitles are so comprehensive that not only do they capture all the speech and musical cues, sounds such as Kratos’ sighs are also available on-screen, and italics are used to convey the tone of the speech. You can change the size of the text, so you don’t have to worry about small writing anymore.
    All buttons can be remapped. There are long-press toggle options for aiming and blocking, and assist options for combat and targeting.
    Cinematic immersion is incredible in games, but camera shake and shake can be disorienting.
    Where Ragnarok really excels is in the low vision and sightless play options. They clearly learned a lot from the low vision support that The Last of Us 2 implemented and built to provide a much more accessible experience for the visually impaired community.
    For low vision there is a high contrast mode with many customizable elements.
    Sightless Play includes a built-in screen reader and implements a huge glossary of audio cues that you can access before the game starts, so you can familiarize yourself with each one. Everything has been taken into account, from each sound an enemy makes to the beginning and ending cues of a cinematic.
    The menu system for that is huge because it’s so customizable for accessibility.
    I can’t wait to play Ragnarok with my blind friend. Rarely does a game offer such a complete range of customization. This is the game to buy this Christmas if you have a disability or buy it for someone with a disability.

  • Return to Monkey Island – Guybrush is back! With a simple control system that’s easy to use on any platform, it’s not a very demanding game to play, even if you have fatigue or fine motor issues. The game gives players the option to cut out a lot of superfluous waffle dialogue, and by making puzzles easier, requiring less to complete the objective, Brain his Fog. has become more accessible. There is always a hint book available in-game, where you can choose hints for each part of the game. If you forget what you were doing or don’t know what to do next, the hints will help you step by step, but they won’t solve the puzzle completely.
    There are subtitles with environmental sounds and sound FX for the deaf and hard of hearing so you won’t miss anything. I love that on the Switch you can hit the back button on the directional pad to reread all the lines. I’ve done that before and it’s really helpful. There are options to change the size of subtitles and in-game text, as well as make the text easier to read.
    For the visually impaired, the game can highlight all on-screen items you can interact with so you don’t miss them.
    Monkey Island is less taxing for those with physical or fatigue-related ailments and is highly recommended.

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FIFA 23 games

stray games

what It was playing

Amanda- I streamed As Dusk Falls on Twitch this week and chronicled my review of Bad Neighbor 2.

Holly- I’ve been super excited since the recent announcement of Death Stranding 2. Started playing Death Stranding again, but this time he’s aiming to get 5 stars in every location.

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