AA Gaming announces the AAA Esports Series

AA Gaming, a fast-growing Pune-based esports and gaming venture, has launched a AAA Esports series open to all. Dota 2Players from all over India can participate in tournaments to earn trophies and a share of Rupees. 25,000 prize pool.

Registration for the tournament is now open until January 12th on the official website. Registered teams must qualify to participate in the broadcast playoffs.

The tournament will be streamed live in Hindi on AA Gaming’s official YouTube channel.

Commenting on the tournament, AA Gaming Founder and CEO Akash Dhangar said: This is the first of many events we have planned to ensure that each event gives both pros and underdogs an equal opportunity.AA Gaming’s goal is to help gamers start their careers in esports Building a platform to let “

AAA Esports is the first IP by AA Gaming. It features a total prize pool of Rs. 1,00,000 and features 4 different games. Valorant, Pokemon Unite, Real Cricket 20When Dota 2Every game has an open-for-all qualifier and we’ve been working to elevate esports in these games from the grassroots level.

AA Gaming is committed to providing a platform for both pros and underdogs to showcase their skills and compete in the world of esports. AAA esports series DOTA 2 Tournaments are a great opportunity for gamers to test their skills and see where they stand in the competitive world.

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