10 Most Heroic Gaming Robots

new movies M3GAN Robots are often portrayed as antagonists, but video games explore the opposite angle and feature robots as protagonists. Some video game robots have been enemies, while others have proven to have more human-like qualities than some human characters.

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BD-1 is a prime example of a brave robot, and many others have appeared over the years. There are playable characters, companions, and side characters to interact with. But nonetheless, they’re stealing the spotlight for actions that prove to be as heroic as their organic creators.

10/10 Mac stays true to the core

Recore (2016)

Macs that are often overlooked recore A dog-like robot who joins Jules Adams on her journey. From the moment they are introduced, Mac demonstrates her unwavering loyalty to Jules. Mac fights alongside her in her combat and helps Farr solve her Eden puzzles.

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Even against the biggest and most powerful foes, Mac proves more likable than most humans Jules encounters, with Jules always there as her main corebot. , Jules would not have been able to complete the quest. Because her mac sniffing abilities lead her to her destination.

9/10 Cyrax gave his life to protect the timeline

Mortal Kombat franchise (1991-2019)

Cyrax inside Lin Kuei Assembly for Mortal Kombat 11 (2019)

Despite his loyalty to the Lin Kuei clan, Cyrax rebelled because of his belief that the clan had been led astray and corrupted by their obsession with cyber initiatives. Instead, he fought back, resulting in a fight with his friend Sektor.

Sadly, Cyrax was turned into a Cyber ​​Lynn Quay soldier until Sub-Zero and Scorpion freed his mind again. Mortal Kombat 11Cyrax has become a freedom fighter again. Cyrax sacrificed his life to help the heroes defeat his Cyber ​​Lin Kuei. Few people would have been willing to end their lives like that.

8/10 Lobo is the lost savior

Chrono Trigger (1995)

Robo waving in Chrono Trigger artwork (1995)

aptly named steampunk robot from Chrono Trigger Not only is he one of the best members of the fighting party. Lobo also does an amazing amount of character development for something that isn’t even human. It is shown that there are

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Robo also spends most Chrono Trigger It may seem a little ominous at first, but he discovers why humans are worth protecting. Including it in the party makes it more satisfying.

7/10 Nick Valentine is the Commonwealth’s Greatest Detective

Fallout 4 (2015)

Synth Prototype Companion Nick Valentine looking at the camera in Fallout 4 (2015)

Nick Valentine is an android detective who always solves his own cases. fall out The universe hates his kind because of mass hysteria. When players recruit Nick Valentine as a companion, he never walks away from battle. In fact, he has an impressive composure even when fighting the Federation’s giant monsters.

Nick Valentine has become a fan favorite thanks to his iconic stance, so Bethesda has brought him back as a key role in the DLC. fallout 4Nick is willing to dive into the thickest parts of the Commonwealth to solve cases, a fact reflected in his surprisingly deep side quests.

6/10 Loaderbot is an iconic Borderlands character.

Tales from the Borderlands (2014)

Loader bot giving a thumbs up in Tales from the Borderlands (2014)

The talented writers at Telltale Games have snatched faceless enemies from long lines. borderlands We created the game and turned it into one of the most compelling characters in episodic adventure games.of Tales from the BorderlandsRhys and Fiona, one of Hyperion’s millions of loader bots, join them on an adventure to stop an evil corporation.

The events will vary depending on the player’s choice, but Loader Bot has won the hearts and minds of many users. borderlands Fans for their puppy-like loyalty to their players. As a result, the Loader Bot takes the most physical damage. Ultimately, players can’t help but feel sad, even though they’re proud to be the vanguard of brave robots.

5/10 No ratchet & crank without crank

Ratchet & Clank Franchise (2002-2021)

Ratchet & Clank: Solo Clank in Rift Apart (2021)

The classic Ratchet and Clank friendship is what makes this relatively simple 3D platformer so compelling.Ratchet’s wit and demeanor mixed with Clank’s seemingly emotionless maintain a strong partnership in the latest release Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartClank starts out as a mere robot helping Ratchet, but their bond grows.

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Crank goes from being a multi-gadget companion to a friend who will do anything to protect and/or save Ratchet from any situation. But it takes real courage.

4/10 legion stole the mass effect game

Mass Effect 2 & Mass Effect 3 (2010-2012)

Geth, known as Legion in the Mass Effect trilogy

Similar to Nick of fallout 4the Legion was introduced to show that not everything is black and white mass effect universe. The Geth is not a race of mindless killer machines. They have free will, and although they appear emotionless on the outside, they can make choices according to their own desires and beliefs.

Legion joins the Normandy crew mass effect 2 And like all the other crew members, Shepard is able to form a bond with them. mass effect 3, trying to preserve their individuality and provide people with a better future.

3/10 BT-7274 is the real star of Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 (2016)

Titanfall 2 Header Promo Artwork EA BT and Cooper

Titanfall 2 Breaking away from the usual first person shooter, we were able to forge a memorable friendship between pilot Cooper and his titan mech (BT-7274). Throughout the campaign, BT and Cooper formed an ever-growing bond, and the more they worked together, the better they worked as partners.

Finally, BT-7274 died a painful death in a fight to protect his friend and partner. As a Titan, we can speculate that his BT willingness to sacrifice his own life stems from key parameters to protect the pilot. But BT had already lost pilots in the past. He never intended to let that happen again, especially after building a strong friendship with Cooper.

2/10 BD-1 is definitely better than R2-D2

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019)

BD-1 running through the Imperial Area in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (2019)

from the same team behind Titanfall 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Introducing BD-1 into the Star Wars canon, fans couldn’t be happier. BD-1 is a companion droid intended to bond with humans, and along with his girlfriend Cal on a long journey to stop the Sith Inquisitor.

What makes BD-1 brave is his willingness to do whatever it takes to help Cal. It was even revealed that BD-1 was willing to erase his entire memory in order to protect his former ally, and this was only revealed when he felt a true friendship with Cal. In short, BD-1 is arguably the most loyal companion in the Star Wars universe.

1/10 Mega Man changed the game forever

Rockman franchise (1987-2020)

Rockman wielding a Mega Buster in the game's key artwork

Perhaps Mega Man is the quintessential robot in gaming, given that he was one of the biggest icons in the NES library. Armed with a Mega Buster, Mega Man is the quintessential young hero, always willing to jump into action to save the day from Dr. Wily.

that is, Rockman A highly iconic game: Whether it’s a giant polar bear robot or Wily’s dozens of robot generals, Mega Man never backs down from a fight and is always ready to take on his rivals. He is essentially a cybernetic superhero. Even the name Mega Man sounds like a heroic title from DC Comics, and the character is more than just that image.

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