10 Most Evil Gaming Robots

Robots are villains in video games. There is a disconnect between them and humanity, allowing players to kill thousands of them without any guilt. They are machines with limited scope and motives, limiting their badness.

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A more intelligent and sophisticated video game AI tends to be more nuanced. They don’t just make legitimate fodder. They are treated like human characters. However, this still has a lot of potential villains. Some video game robots are beyond hostile. They go as far as outright evil with truly malicious goals.

10/10 HK-50 prefers brutal slaughter to assassination

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

assassin droid regularly Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game. The most iconic is HK-47, who can be a party member in both games, and HK-47 is definitely evil. A callous assassin who enjoys his work. But his villainy pales in comparison to the HK-50. Knights of the Old Republic II: Sith Lords.

HK-50 is an inferior version of HK-47, lacking his charm. They are not discreet, professional, or surgical. The HK-50 is much more likely to wipe out everyone in the area to reach its goal, taunting them all the while. Their penchant for carnage on a large scale, and their petty brutality, have cemented them as a worse kind of assassin.

9/10 Sovereigns have caused countless extinctions

mass effect

Sovereigns fighting allied fleets in Mass Effect

Salen seems to be the first antagonist mass effect game. But he’s just a flagship puppet in appearance. Reaper Sovereign is actually the main villain. Sovereigns, like all Reapers, are unimaginably ancient and powerful synthetic creatures. The Reapers exist to wipe out the galaxy of evolved life every 50,000 years.

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All of the sovereign’s kindnesses are on board with this villain. But it comes across as more evil than its brethren. Compared to the leader of the Reapers, the Harbinger, the Sovereign has a more brutal edge. Every conversation with it is filled with arrogance and contempt for Shepard and organic life. Moreover, the Sovereign is the one who initiates all extinction cycles. He has a lot of blood on his hands.

8/10 Mendicant bias sinks to the lowest possible depth


Covenant talking to Mendicant Bias in Halo

of Hello The series focuses heavily on artificial intelligence. Ethics, free will, and AI influences all recur throughout the franchise. His one of the most evil AIs in the entire franchise is Mendicant Bias. A robot made by HelloA Forerunner species that fights the Flood. But decades later it becomes an ally of the enemy against its creator.

Mendicant Bias cannot be forced, corrupted, or overridden by the Flood. It’s up to you to decide of your own free will. I agree to support the genocide against the Forerunners and all other life. 100,000 years later halo 3, mendicant bias tries to compensate. However, we recognize that the behavior may be beyond forgiveness.

7/10 *AI will wipe out most of humanity

AI Warfare: Fleet Command

AI War: Planetary Space Battles in Fleet Command

AI Warfare: Fleet Command Imposes impossible battles on the player. They control the last remnants of humanity. AI powers across the galaxy have wiped out most species. With so little resources, the last piece of humanity must shut down his AI before it can be completely wiped out.

AI is not malicious, petty, or brutal. Instead, it’s perfectly efficient and logical. AI war 2 It reveals that humanity has become too much of a burden alongside other problems, so we wiped them out to lighten the workload.

6/10 John Henry Eden is an irresponsible eugenicist

fallout 3

President John Henry Eden's computer housing in Fallout 3

the enclave is fallout 3villainous. They claim to be headed by the President of the United States, a man named John Henry Eden. However, later in the game it becomes clear that President Eden is not a man. Instead he is a military surveillance system that has become self-aware in the centuries since the nuclear war.

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Eden fully supports the Enclave’s plans to rebuild the Capital Wasteland and the United States. However, these plans involve wiping out people with mutations. Eden leads the Enclave in an effort to wipe out most of the Wasteland’s population. Eden’s villain has nothing to do with his robotic nature. But that doesn’t make him less mean.

5/10 Sigma wants humanity extinct

Rockman X

Rockman X's Reploid Sigma

Sigma is the leader Rockman Xreploid. They are androids created to keep humanity safe from more violent robots. However, Sigma is infected with the Maverick Virus and is clearly heading in a villainous direction. Instead of keeping humanity safe, he decided to wipe it out so that the Reploids could thrive.

Sigma’s exact motivation may change between games. Sometimes he wants the Reploid to be free. Also, he thinks he will only evolve without humanity. Either way, he wants all humans dead. It’s unclear exactly how much control Sigma has over his actions, but there’s no denying that the Maverick Virus drives him to extreme evil.

4/10 Revenant is a killer before becoming a simulacrum

apex legends

Revenant pointing a gun in Apex Legends

Revenant apex legends It is a type of being known as a simulacrum. He is a human-based robot. For Revenant, it’s the infamous hitman, Caleb Cross. Cross is notorious for his complete lack of competence and morals. He will assassinate anyone for whom he is paid. This includes non-combatants and children.

Even in the Simulacrum, Revenant’s sense of morality does not diminish. Instead, it made him more bitter and twisted: Revenant despises his existence as a robot and misses his memory as Cross. As a revenant, he combines a ruthless disregard for human life with a murderous grudge against his creator.

3/10 The Patriots Want To Lock Humanity In Endless War

metal gear solid

Campbell tells Raiden about his choice of social sanity in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

The Patriots are metal gear solid franchise, especially sons of liberty When patriot gunLike most factions in the game, they’re trying to create a world where soldiers are valued, not abandoned. But they have a particularly cruel way of going about it.

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Patriots are AI replacements for a group of human villains. They can only carry out programming without moral restraints. Their plan is to create a world at war where soldiers are always needed.they set about this sons of libertyby the time of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriotsthey created a war economy, killed countless people, and trapped the world in a state of savagery.

2/10 red girl will do anything to evolve

nier automata

NieR: Red Girls talking to A2 in Automata

nier automata Explore the similarities between two warring groups of synthetic life. Android and Machine have been locked in a senseless war for thousands of years. Their creator species, humans and aliens, have both gone extinct long ago. Despite this, they continue to fight over Earth.

The Red Girls are the architects of this war. They are the intelligence of machine networks that have been manipulating war all along.The Red Girls held both sides in a stalemate with his desire to defy the aliens and evolve beyond programming: the extinction of the world’s animals, the death of thousands, and nier automataAll the tragic events of

1/10 Contingency despises all life


The Contingency Announces Intention To Wipe Out All Life With Stellaris Game

any game Stellaris End with an attack from one of three “crises”. The most insidious is the Contingency, an ancient dormant synthesis program. The Contingency activates in Endgame and declares its intention to sterilize the entire galaxy. To this end, it uses both active warfare and espionage.

Contingency kills billions of creatures in any game. It could destroy entire worlds and their populations before a counterattack can be launched. However, it is not a callous computer program. Contingency takes time to level and moan the insult to the victim.

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